Outdoor Art Activities

Painting in the Rain
You’ll need:  cardstock and washable markers
Have the kids draw on card stock with washable markers.  Place the papers outside when it rains until the colors have run.  Bring the paintings back inside on a flat surface to dry.

 Monster Mural
You’ll need:  tape, large roll of paper or large white sheet, tempera paint, paint containers, rubber spike balls, markers.
Hang up a large bedsheet or roll of paper outside.  Have the kids dip the spiked balls in the paint and toss them at the paper or sheet to create monster-shaped splats.  When the paint dries the kids can draw  funny faces on the “monsters.” 

Spray Painting
You’ll need:  tempera paints, spray bottle or squirt guns, paper.
Fill each spray bottle or squirt gun ¾ of the way with water and add just enough paint to color the water.  Close the cap and shake to mix well.  Let each child spray paint a picture.  You could do individual pictures or hang up a large sheet or paper for all children to spray together.

Oversize Marble Painting
You’ll need:  plastic kiddie pool, large sheet of paper, plastic balls in various sizes, paint.
Place the paper inside of the plastic kiddie pool.  Dip the balls in various colors of paint.  Place the balls in the pool on the paper.  Have the kids stand around the pool and lift it up, shake it around, etc. to get the balls to move around on the paper and “paint” it.


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